Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why My Friends Crack Me The Fuck Up - Part Deux

A collection:

Some background - Just outside my office we had planned on installing a new door. The contractor came out and framed out the doorway but the door never came in. So we have a door frame but no door. It's been like this for a couple of months already.
While talking to me outside of my office the following transpires:
Blue: (looking in the direction of the door frame) "Y'all don't close that door very often..."
Me: (stare....then proceed to laugh my ass off)
Blue: (taking a step closer to the door, then a look of realization) "Oh...there's no door there."
Me: "Duh!"

In the bedroom, wrapping a sarong around his cute little nekkid butt so we can go and get something from the kitchen, he accidently drops one side of the sarong. Moving quickly to catch the sarong before it falls past his reach, he throws his hand down to catch it.
Chris: "Owwww! Penis!!"
(he apparently gave his penis a nice smacking in the process of catching the sarong)

After lunch, leaving our lovely outdoor picnic table, heading back in to work. She brushes leaves, grass, and dust off of her pretty black skirt.
Misty: "Ugh! Why does black attract EVERYTHING but men???"

Is it no wonder I laugh pretty much constantly?

I love you guys!



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